Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell

Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell
Favorite astronomical painting

Monday, November 21, 2011

A Change of Heart rejected

I have included the Lab Partners image here because A Change of Heart is the novel version cast in modern times for Leroy and Jody who are the characters in my Lab Partners story. I knew when I started reading the email from the editor that it was going to be a rejection. Almost without fail these messages take the same form. The good points are brought out before the other foot comes slamming down with the problems causing the story to be rejected. I've had so many rejections I'm not sure what form the acceptance emails take. Well I just refreshed my memory. The acceptance of Lab Partners took off immediately praising the story and offering me a contract. Thank you Anna even though you won't hear this as you are no longer an editor at Wild Rose. The problems with A Change of Heart were numerous with the same old thing about my using language and events that make the story sound like 1950s instead of contemporary. Also there was a lack of emotion involved so the reader can not feel it. I disagree but then my opinion doesn't count. I'm discouraged to say the least and it was suggested I not submit again until I learned the ropes on emotions and being accurate to modern day. I am extremely discouraged by this rejection and am at the point of giving up. Help, anybody out there. I need some encouragement. I know there are reviewers and my lady friend authors that like my writing. Signing at this point.

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