Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell

Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell
Favorite astronomical painting

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Short SF story rejected

My short story Unscheduled Stroll on Triton was rejected by Clarkesworld SF online magazine in one day's time.  That was the story that was an epilogue to my Higher Mission SF novel.  It wasn't submitted for inclusion in the novel.  My list of rejections are growing and I've not had an acceptance since Higher Mission late last year. My new SF novel The Silver Dart was turned down by the last agent because she wasn't taking unsolicited manuscripts.  This wasn't pointed out on her website.  A friend of mine who writes nonfiction has volunteered to look at my older novel The Vanishing Shed.  Already before reading it he has pointed out several concerns just from talking to me about the novel.  A good author friend, Gail, is about done with Higher Mission and is enjoying it.  So far I've only had one review of that novel.  A local friend wants a copy of my romance novel, A Change of Heart.  At least that is a plus and I needed that.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Yet another rejection

This morning I received the expected rejection from Nelson Literary Agency.  The agent, Sara, said she reads every query.  Now  I must search for another agency to query.  I thought I'd go this route for awhile for The Silver Dart before going directly to a publisher on the internet.  I'd prefer a print book instead of an ebook or at least both.
At this point too I'm needing to decide on my next writing project.  I still have in mind a story about the Bible character The Shunammite Woman.  Also, I intend to write another short science fiction story for submission to Clarke's World.  I noticed I'd already submitted Ice Cap Run three years ago so they are looking at it a second time and I'm hoping they won't notice that.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Query sent to Nelson Literary Agency

I have queried the Nelson Literary Agency about my new science fiction novel, The Silver Dart.  There are two agents and I sent Sara Megibow my query because her interest in science fiction is that it be sciency-y and action packed.  The Silver Dart fills the bill on both of those accounts.  I'll see if I can paste that query letter in here from my file.  Well, it looks like I can't paste my file.  It is worthy of typing it in for its entirety.
Jade Cromwell's genius wife, Darla, built a high tech space ship, Silver Dart.  She designed every inch of it.  An important feature was the security system: a high voltage, low current shock delivered to everybody who tried to enter, except Jade, Darla, Missy, their daughter, Spike, their Australian sheep dog and Charlie Danton, a close friend.
Darla's accomplishments were numerous and known to men from a distant galaxy who came and persuaded her to go with them two years earlier.  They came for Missy, who was nearly as smart as Darla.  It took seven men to overpower Jade, Missy who was expert in martial arts and Spike.  After that Jade viewed a two-year old message from Darla who willingly went with the men because they needed help with a serious problem in their own solar system.  She knew Jade and Spike would come searching for them.  Darla didn't know where the men were taking her, but she had perfected a ship trail detector for the Silver Dart so that Jade could follow it.  Due to delays along the way, the ship's trail disappeared and he had to rely on clues left by Missy on a planet and numerous encounters with aliens along the way.  Jade and Spike meet militant aliens at several stops and most of them wanted
SilverDart.  The longer the journey was, the more Jade learned about Darla's ship.  He realized Darla's ingrams ( okay, I borrowed that term from an old Star Trek TV episode during the second season called the Ultimate Computer) were imprinted on Silver Dart's circuitry.  This allowed the ship to make judgments on whom to allow onboard for the healing chamber or who was worthy to enter due to their helping Jade and Spike.
Arriving at the abductor's home solar sysetem of Nartium, Jade discovers they indeed have a serious problem.  What could be more serious than Dala's cure of Martian Canyon Fever and Jovian Madness?  What about mining equipment needing an upgrade or elimination of communications time delay within the solar system or revamping of the star drive engine, not to mention a continuing list of urgent needs?  Darla solved all those problems, but could she deal with the giant, traveling black hole that was gobbling everything that dropped beyond the event horizon?  Taking a solution to the problem from an ancient text by Stephen Hawking, Jade, Missy and Darla stop the black hole but at what cost?  The ensuing explosion sends Jade into another universe.  How can he overcome his lost condition?
My publishing credits include one contemporary romance novel, one science fiction novel and a number of short romance stories. All publications include romance of the sweet variety.

There you have it.  I noticed I misspelled a word in my original query and of course the letter omitted didn't leave a misspelled word.  I left out the "y" in canyon.  Well, if the query was shining otherwise hopefully that won't make a difference.  The next step is either a rejection or a request for some sample pages of the novel.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Yet another rejection

My short science fiction story, Chances are Slim, was rejected in short order.  At least Clarkesworld responds very quickly as other online science fiction publishers may take a number of weeks to give a decision on a submitted work.  They say to wait seven days before submitting another story.  I'll have to see what I have in my backlog of short SF stories to submit next.  In the meantime I'm reading a Civil War novel of a friend and am over half way through that.  As soon as I finish that and maybe write a review I can get back to the finishing touches on my new SF novel, The Silver Dart.  I only have to insert a phrase or two to straighten it out.  I need to read through it again one last time before sending it to some publisher or agent.
Since the story that was rejected takes place on Mars I've included an image of Mars.  If I had a close up of the features of one of the polar caps I'd show that since the main character goes to the ice cap in the story.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Short SF story submissions

I still need to browse through my new science fiction novel The Silver Dart to clear up a few things early on in the novel.  I've been submitting short science fiction stories to Clarkes World.  The first one, Making Ends Meet was rejected.  I just now submitted Chances Are Slim.  They respond within three days and will pay ten cents a word if accepted.  It is very difficult to break into science fiction for publication as I've been trying for 39 years.  If I get an acceptance such as this I'll shout the news long and loud.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Final Draft of The Silver Dart

My new science fiction novel, The Silver Dart, is now completed.  I've gone through the novel three times so I'm ready to either seek an agent or another publisher.  I have nothing against Champagne Books which is where my other science fiction novel, Higher Mission is published but just thought it would be better to spread my publications out differently.  I've included a scene of Neptune as seen from Triton since it is a scene in the early part of the novel.  I have permission to display certain art work of the great and late Chesley Bonestell, having obtained a license from their website.  I have been terribly remiss in keeping up my posting and must do better.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

In Remembrance of Me published

At long last I've gotten my religious manuscript into print form after many years of planning, revising and composing the publication of my notes from more than thirty years ago.  There is material in it that dates back to when I was attending the Elmwood Avenue Church of Christ in Lafayette when I was attending Purdue.  The print version cost me a few cents over four dollars which counts the shipping.  I was unable to figure out how to make it available via Kindle.  Sorry.  I was so confused about that procedure.  Create Space gave me the option of doing the covers.  I've shown the front cover here.  The back cover is a photo of a Bible open to Isaiah 53, the chapter that prophecies of Christ's suffering and death.  This publication has to do with the prophecies, their fulfillment and other details surrounding the Lord's death on the cross and partaking of the Lord's Supper, an act of worship practiced on Sundays.  Create Space, by the way, is through Amazon.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Update on writing activities

I'm at 65,000 words on my new science fiction novel and will end it soon.  Also, I've started my quest with Create Space for my religious manuscript but have not gotten very far on it yet.  The anthology which has my short story Marcy's Struggle is now out in print form.  I see I have one more follower on my blog and I thank you for that.  I'm happy to have eleven followers now and know that many people have hundreds of followers.
On non writing activities my new glasses are bugging me.  They have very thick lenses and hurt my nose.  My back surgery last April is better and my sciatic nerve only flares up occassionally now.  Many things are keeping me busy and unfortunately are also keeping me from my writing.  I'll not mention other non writing things at this point.  I must make a decision on where to submit more of my writings.  Already I'll use Create Space at Amazon for my religious document In Remembrance of Me.  The science fiction novel I'm not sure about.  If I get future writings like the story from the Old Testament in novella form about the Shunammite Woman I'll try a publisher on line.
Anyone out there who is following please leave a comment as I've not had a comment in so long.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Yet Another Rejection

My paranormal short story The Forever Bond was rejected based on my horrid use of commas and the fact that I didn't get Sally together with Buddy soon enough.  There were other issues too.  I sent an email of my disappointment of yet another rejection by this editor.  This will probably be my last submission to this publisher.  The editor worked on the first twelve pages and basically she changed many of my phrases and used her own.  She said she would be essentially a ghost writer.  I replied and agreed with that but also stated that her and I have our own way of expressing ourselves and her way of expressing is not my choice.  I see nothing wrong with my way of expression myself.  It is just as clear and is my style of writing.
I'm plugging along with my new science fiction novel The Silver Dart and have passed 57,000 words now.  I'm also proofreading my religious manuscript In Remembrance of Me.  Methinks I'll try Create Space via Amazon with this one.  I still have in the back of my head a novella or novel based on the Shunnamite Woman which begins in 2 Kings 4.  I'll have to do some research on living in Old Testament times before tackling that one.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Marcy's Struggle available digital anthology

Marcy's Struggle is already out in digital form with four other author's stories available from Smashwords and Amazon.  The print version will be available probably next week.  Some of the stories in this anthology are of a sensual nature.  I don't know which ones yet as I've not read them.  The title says Sweet and Sensual.  Mine is Sweet.  Here are the links.  First from Smashwords: and is available for $2.99.  The link for Amazon is a long one so here it is:
The cover is attached.  Laura Shinn and Rebecca Vickery are great to work with.  This story of mine was rejected by another publisher.  Marcy finally gets closure on romance after being left hanging in my novel A Change of Heart.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Short Romance Story Accepted

I received word today that my short romance story, Marcy's Struggle has been accepted by Victory Tales Press for their summer anthology coming out very soon.  I read through the edits and agreed with everything except the blurb briefly describing the story.  My first two paragraphs of my synopsis was taken as the blurb which made it sound like Marcy's love interest, Ross was the one with the struggle.  Yes, he has a struggle but I wrote back and suggested three additional sentences emphasizing Marcy is the one who has the struggle in trying to convince Ross she's over Leroy and wants Ross in her life.  I don't know if they will accept my addition or not.  I'm waiting on word from Laura Shinn about that.  This story will release as an anthology to Smashwords and Amazon as an ebook and later will come out in print.  At this point I don't know who the other authors are but I'll probably recognize their names, at least some of them.  Now poor Marcy will have closure with romance in her life.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Writing and trying to heal

I am 47,000 words into my new science fiction novel The Silver Dart.  Also I received a wonderful review of my ebook SF novel Higher Mission.  Joy gave me five stars and wrote a nice long review on Amazon.  I left a comment for her and hope she reads it.  Likewise, I received the 50th vote for my free read Ice Rink Romance which had to be five stars because it has lifted that story from third place back into second place on that website.  I'm trying to work on my youtube for Higher Mission and have made a little headway.  I'll have to do some art work myself to get what I want before I publish it.
I'm over a month into healing from my back surgery and am still in pain.  It is wearing me down and I'm unable to do the things I need to do.  Sue, my poor wife is having to do a lot of things.  My doctor told me I'm healing just fine.  Define "fine."  I see him again in early June.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Surgery and Writing

My surgery is over with.  I'm not bouncing back very well.  I still have lots of pain and a new batch of pills in hand to help.  One positive note is that I'm having time to work on my writing.  I really feel  useless at this point, unable to take out the trash, run to the gym for a workout and do other errands in town and the list goes on.  I was just awakened from a sound sleep on the couch, my usual resting and sleeping place for now.  The phone woke me.  Presently, I'm home alone.  I would love to have a comment on my blog to know somebody is thinking about me.
My revisions on The Forever Bond for my part are done and need typed in.  I've worded a synopsis as well.  Unfortunately, my hip pain prevents me from sitting at the computer for very long at a time.  I'm thankful there are nine followers to my blog and an occasional viewing.  I would be incredibly grateful if someone would comment.  Needless to say I've not felt like doing much of anything right now.  My wife, Sue, has lots of people depending on her right now and if she ever gets down a lot of people are going to realize just how useful she is and how taken for granted she is, with me at the top of the list.  Our grandson, Townes, is going to be with his "Papaw" for this weekend and I'll really miss him.  He's six years old and is living with us.  I've gotten him interested in chess to go along with his other interests.  I thought I'd include one of my images I paid for regarding chess for an eye catcher for you.
Your comments would be most welcomed.  Sorry for a double post of this lovely chess player.  I've tried to eliminate one of the images but am unable to.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New face for blog

Thanks to Miss Mae who commented in kindness about my purple background being tough on the eyes.  I've changed that as you can see.  Hopefully, this will help.  I've still not done much with my website which has the domain name of and I hope to do something with that or pay someone to do it for me.  I certainly ought to get busy on it as I'm paying for the domain name.
On the writing front, I'm still proceeding on my new science fiction novel, The Silver Dart.  I've not reached 40,000 words yet.  On my novella The Forever Bond I'm reading through it again and will submit it to Wild Rose.  My recent novel submission, A Reason For Rescue was rejected by them.  Hopefully, I can determine another submission site for that one as I believe in it.  A lot of research went into that novel.
Also, I'm trying to construct a youtube for my ebook novel, Higher Mission.  Sadly, that novel isn't doing very well.  At least two author friends have downloaded it I believe.  Those are Anne Patrick and Gail Pallotta.  Thanks, Anne and Gail.  Someone else may have too and I apologize if I've missed you.  I gave a copy away via Amazon on Linda Weaver Clarke's blog interview and it went to Regina Andrews (Gina).  Thanks to Gina for the nice review.  Burst Books still has it at a reduced price of three dollars, I believe.
Your thoughts and prayers are welcomed for my upcoming surgery April 10.

Friday, January 31, 2014


My submitted story, A Reason for Rescue, to Wild Rose has been rejected.  Initially, I thought my editor was going to recommend a contract and thought my writing was one of my best efforts thus far.  Today, I received the rejection email finding many faults with it.  The novel was submitted to "readers" and they found all sorts of problems.  It is counterproductive of me to reply to those points as the readers take on submissions are accepted without question. One thing I did make a point of  in my reply was that my research and details of foreign lands could not be faulted.
It seems my characters are wooden and flat but also overdramatized.  I don't understand how they can be one thing and also another.
I'll concentrate on my two new stories, not knowing now where I'll submit either one.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

New writings and submission

I'm working on two new stories.   One is done on its first draft.  It is entitled The Forever Bond and numbers 32,000 words so won't make novel status.  The second story I'm hoping will stretch to novel status.  At present it numbers 22,000 words and is science fiction.  Its title is The Silver Dart.
The first story is a sweet romance involving Buddy, Nina and Sally.  Which girl will Buddy wind up with?  Did the dimensional rift really happen?  The second story is science fiction and involves the abduction of Jade Cromwell's wife and daughter.  Cromwell sets out on a long journey to find them and has the companionship of Spike, his Australian Sheep Dog and the Silver Dart, a high tech space ship his wife, Darla, who is a genius, has constructed.
A bit of exciting news is my submission of an older novel, A Reason for Rescue to The Wild Rose Press.  My editor of past stories, Nancy Swanson, likes the novel and has indicated she will compose a letter to the senior editor for a contract.  She still has to finish reading it but is anxious to see how it ends.  That's a good sign and she said it is one of my best writings so far.  I had submitted this novel to several agents but only netted rejections.  I spent a lot of time in research for this novel as the protagonist, Clay, travels to many foreign lands to treat sick people with the herbs and plant extracts of those lands.  He has a romance interest, Julianne, who saves his life many times, being in the right place at the right time.  Clay must deal with a terrorist, an arms dealer, a strict Army Captain, a beautiful woman named Gretchen, dangerous lands, an island and its goddess, a prophetess named Lana and of course Julianne.
Sorry, no image available for any of these yet.