Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell

Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell
Favorite astronomical painting

Friday, December 22, 2017

My Motorcycle Woman story is about 45,000 words and I've been through it three times.  I have contacted the Black River Falls, Wisconsin Harley Davidson motorcycle shop and they have given me the okay to use their name in the story.  I told them I use very complementary reference to their shop.  I visited their shop on a motorcycle trip I took back in July 1971 and took a couple of photos of their shop.  I may use one of those photos as the back cover of the novel.  At that time they allowed me to take a test ride on a new Super Glide.  That happens in my novel too as Johnnie and Tess stop at that shop.  I will probably self-publish this story as the wait time for response from an agent or publisher is way too long for most of them and I'm not a young man anymore.  I can't afford these long wait times. More later on this subject.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Motorcycle Woman proceeding

I have added more to my story, Motorcycle Woman, and it is up to over 42,000 words but probably won't quite reach novel status.  I have not thought of a publication route yet.  I may consider self-publishing as the wait for responses is too long.  I received another rejection on my Rescue novel.  I've submitted to another agent.  She wants the first 50 pages so perhaps that will be a good amount for her to see what my writing is like.  The previous rejection had an extra note that I had a good idea but when she read the first chapter which is all she required for the first go around she didn't think it fit.  I've always wondered in this instance how you can judge an 89,000 word novel by the first chapter.
I'm thinking of taking Miss Mae's advice and submitting a short free read to Smashwords and folks can get a taste of my writing.  People like free reads.  It will be a science fiction story around a thousand words.  I'll have to create a cover and plan to purchase Photo Shop maybe tomorrow.  The story is entitled Unscheduled Stroll on Triton and is sort of an epilogue to my science fiction ebook novel Higher Mission.  Triton is the largest moon of Neptune and is the coldest body in the solar system.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Another Rejection

My novel, A Reason for Rescue, received another rejection from an agent at Writers House.  It is always the same story.  They have a full list of clients and can't take on any more.  They stress that someone else may feel differently.  At least they replied within their predicted response time.  Some agents or publishing houses don't bother to respond at all.  This novel has received thirteen rejections and two no responses.
I am at 35,000 words plus on writing Motorcycle Woman.  The first draft is almost complete.  This story will not reach novel status.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Motorcycle Woman progress report

Today I verified from a copy of the check cashed by Red Rose Publishing of the $100 that constitutes my having the rights back on Motorcycle Woman. That is because on the back of the check my lawyer's office put  statement that cashing the check gives my rights back on the story.  That is a brief summary of what their statement is.  Red Rose never notified me but signing the check and cashing it is giving me my rights back.  It has been a very expensive undertaking and I won't make back much if any of the legal fees.
I am nearing completion of the first draft.  It will not reach novel status but will come in around 31,000 words.  I was able to crop the original cover to remove Red Rose's name which was fortunately located at the top.  See below for the cropped cover.  I checked many photos on but was unable to find a cover as good as the one Red Rose provided.
The two editors from Red Rose and one editor from Wild Rose who initially saw the story did an excellent job on the published version.  I just hope my new additions which makes it twice the length of the original version is as good as their revisions.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Vanishing Shed without a home.

My Novel The Vanishing Shed no sooner than hit the streets is now without a home.  The publisher is closing its doors and soon my novel will be taken down.  The publisher recommended another publisher and I submitted to them but was rejected.  The editor was nice about it and it was rejected not for the writing but because it didn't fit their genre.  They concentrate on westerns and young adult.  I don't know if I'll pursue any farther for it being published elsewhere.  I paid for the art work and the editor who worked with me didn't require any compensation.
I've been terribly remiss about posting.  I really need to be more active at my site but no one comments anymore.  My fault I guess.
I've heard nothing from the third agent on my query for my new novel A Reason for Rescue.  The first two agents answered immediately.  This one has said nothing in over three months.  I believe I don't need to wait any longer.  When you're 79 you don't need to wait.
I am working on expanding my short story Motorcycle Woman making the rash assumption that I will get my rights back on it.  My lawyer has been helping me out.  I wrote a check for $100 and the publisher cashed it but gave no word that I officially have the rights back on the story.  I've met the requirements of the contract by paying the hundred dollars. The lawyer asked to be notified as the check was cashed in mid May and he gave the publisher until the last of June to respond.  No word has come.  Let me see if I can insert the cover for it.
It is a good cover despite the woman model not being dressed like Tess McBride.  Her expression shows she is not to be messed with.  The motorcycle in the background appears to be a Harley Sportster just like she rides in the story.  It received good reviews years ago when it first came out.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Acceptance of The Vanishing Shed

I am happy to announce the acceptance of my novel The Vanishing Shed by Publishing by Rebecca J. Vickery.  This novel has been around for over ten years and suffered many battle scars and rejections.  I found this beautiful redhead on for Nina, the love of Buddy's life.  Buddy is the only person who can see this shed but when he walks toward it the shed vanishes.  The older he gets the closer he can approach the shed before it winks out.  This structure haunts him all his life, drawing from his emotions even when he's miles away from it.  He must get on with his life, suffering many loses, graduating from high school, college, falling in love and marrying Nina.  When she dies he has not the will to go on.  Finally, he is able to stand before the shed and enters.  Only then does he find out what the significance of the shed is.
I don't know the price yet but it numbers 75,000 words.  It should "hit the streets" before long.  It is in editing stage and firming up of the back cover and inside before it will be ready.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Vanishing Shed Drawing

I've included a drawing of my new novel The Vanishing Shed.  Of course the publisher who has just accepted my story will come up with an appropriate cover.  I'm so happy to report this.  Victory Tales Press whom I have The Silver Dart with has accepted my Shed novel.  I signed the contract today.  I'm told there will be light editing done on it.  I worked very hard to eliminate passive voice and got rid of such words as "was", "had", "and", "but", "so" and "that".  This novel numbers 75,000 words.
Buddy Wilson is the only one who can see this shed and when he goes to investigate it the shed vanishes.  The older he gets the closer he can approach the shed.  Will he be at the point of death when he finally stands before it?  Starting in the 1940s this novel is actually a historical, romance story, clean.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Mom's Poetry Book Finished

I finally got Mom's poetry book finished via Create Space.  I paid a local copying company to put the covers in proper format.  Their cost was quite reasonable.  I have included the front cover image here.  It is available via Create Space and Amazon.  The title is The Poems of Stella Hammersley.  I could not download the actual front and back cover, the front having the title because blogger won't allow a PDF format.  Just type my name into Amazon if interested.  It will bring up all my books.  Right now this one comes up at the top.  I have not jumped through the hoops to make it available via Kindle.