Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell

Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell
Favorite astronomical painting

Friday, December 1, 2017

Motorcycle Woman proceeding

I have added more to my story, Motorcycle Woman, and it is up to over 42,000 words but probably won't quite reach novel status.  I have not thought of a publication route yet.  I may consider self-publishing as the wait for responses is too long.  I received another rejection on my Rescue novel.  I've submitted to another agent.  She wants the first 50 pages so perhaps that will be a good amount for her to see what my writing is like.  The previous rejection had an extra note that I had a good idea but when she read the first chapter which is all she required for the first go around she didn't think it fit.  I've always wondered in this instance how you can judge an 89,000 word novel by the first chapter.
I'm thinking of taking Miss Mae's advice and submitting a short free read to Smashwords and folks can get a taste of my writing.  People like free reads.  It will be a science fiction story around a thousand words.  I'll have to create a cover and plan to purchase Photo Shop maybe tomorrow.  The story is entitled Unscheduled Stroll on Triton and is sort of an epilogue to my science fiction ebook novel Higher Mission.  Triton is the largest moon of Neptune and is the coldest body in the solar system.

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