Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell

Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell
Favorite astronomical painting

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Story, End of a String, released today, Apr 9.

My new story, End of a String, has released today, April 9. For potential downloaders I must add that the woman on the cover is not the woman in the story. Natalie is a brilliant electrical engineering major, beautiful and arrogant toward Slim. He meets her at an exchange dinner where sorority girls come to the residence hall where Slim stays. Slim is on scholastic probation after flunking calculus the previous semester. Unable to afford to have a girl friend, Slim sees it may be best since Natalie wouldn't give him the time of day. However, she relents later in the evening and agrees to help him with calculus. Slim couldn't be happier. At the end of the calculus help session with her, he takes a desperate step in hopes of seeing Natalie again. Roller skating is their common interest and finally after a number of skating dates, Natalie proclaims to Slim that he is the end of a string of boy friends she's had. Slim couldn't be happier. I'll include an excerpt in a later post. Thanks for reading and thanks to Nancy Swanson, my editor, for working with me on this story.

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