Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell

Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell
Favorite astronomical painting

Thursday, August 26, 2021

 I have finished a new story of 39,000 words. It is a college romance, clean.  I must rename it since Harry has fallen for a different woman than originally planned.  My first title is More Than A Sister and originally he was supposed to fall for Marla but wound up falling for Ellen, a brilliant aeronautical engineering student.  They meet at a sorority party and she is lonely, no one interested in inviting her to bring someone to the party.  Harry falls for her almost immediately.  Marla's part is to make sure Harry is happy.  She has Ron who is interested in her.  The story covers mostly Harry and Ellen's budding romance but is she a career woman and does she have time for Harry in her life?  She s inconsistent in her treatment of Harry.  After their college graduations she takes a job in New York and Harry is in California.  How can their relationship develop when they are two thousand miles apart?

Tuesday, June 15, 2021


I got my rights back on the above short story from The Wild Rose Press and got Lisa,  my friend from LDM Graphics, to give it a new cover.  It is now available in print via Amazon as well as Kindle.

The year is 1957 and Slim Canton is in college but is flunking calculus.  He meets beautiful and brilliant Natalie Adams at an exchange dinner between his residence hall and a sorority.  She has had a string of boyfriends, all of whom broke up with her.  Slim falls for her but she won't give him the time of day.  He takes a desperate step to find common ground between them.  Will Natalia respond to Slim?

A note about one of my other stories.  The Shunammite Woman is doing well on sales.  It is far outdoing my other stories.  As you recall it is a fiction/nonfiction story about an Old Testament woman.

I said I was not going to write anymore but my lady author friends convinced me to not stop writing.  Bless their hearts.  So I have started another story, hoping it will make novel status.  It is nearing 20,000 words now.  I will change the title as the story line has taken a turn different than planned.  My characters have refused my original intent.  It is a modern day college romance whereas my other stories of that nature have been more historical in nature.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

 My Bible character story is now live on Amazon both in Kindle and print.  The three women in the title are connected through King Saul in the Old Testament books of first and second Samuel.  Merab was the oldest of the two daughters of Saul and Michal was the youngest daughter of Saul.  Rizpah was the concubine of Saul.  The story is told from the view point of Michal.  This story is part fiction and part nonfiction.  The nonfiction part is based on scriptures from first and second Samuel.  In the front of the book is listed the scriptures and a time line based on my Holman Bible which gives the dates at the bottom of each page when these things happen.  There are some tragic elements in this story, but it shows the characters of these women at their finest.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

 News here mainly.  My Bible character story, The Shunammite Woman is doing well on sales for me anyway. In the past five months it has sold nine paperbacks and eight Kindle versions.  My other labels are not doing so well.  Author friend, Linore Rose Burkard told me how to determine from Amazon's notification of sales just how to identify the titles that were sold.  I owe her thanks and by the way she is a fine author of Regency period romance.

Cassie at Champagne Books offered to reissue my old science fiction title from October 2013 in ebook and also in print.  She gave it a new cover which I really like.  I will insert it below.  I added a chapter at the end.  The Kindle version is now live but there is no sign of the print version.  I have emailed her about that but she has not responded.  She said she would give me three author copies.  I hope she comes through and she is very pleasant to work with.

I have started through the KDP process to self-publish another Bible character story.  It is a story of Merab, Michal and Rizpah.  Their stories overlap so I am including them together.  It is told from the point of view of Michal.  No cover yet on that one.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

 I have two more novels out since Saving Clay.  The titles are Meeting the Challenge and Buck's Wake Up Call.  I will paste the covers now.  Meeting The Challenge is about Starship captain Jim Hansen who is on a journey to find a cure for his ill daughter, Patty.  His quest takes him to different planets to find a cure for her.    He encounters those who deceive him, those who are militant and those who try to help him.  During his space travels he falls in love with Leah, a Mizarian woman, but her culture forbids a Mizarian woman and an earth man to wed.  When she becomes ill he must travel quite literally to the end of the universe to find a cure for her.

Buck's Wake Up Call is about Buck who thinks he has found the woman who loves him, first with Carrie in high school and then Sally who loved him through grade and high school.  Both of them move away and find love elsewhere.  The question is will Buck ever find unconditional love?  After graduating from college he goes to work for Eve in her lab.  She is different than Carrie or Sally.  Will Buck find love finally with her?

The links are for the challenge novel. and for the Buck novel it is

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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Saving Clay Now Live on Amazon


This is the front and back cover of my new novel Saving Clay now available on Amazon.  Clay and Julianne fall in love but because of their globe trotting duties they can not spend much time together.  Clay journeys to far away places healing people with natural products from plants, trees and flowers.  Julianne is an ambassador at large bring world peace..  She becomes a target for an arms dealer and his terrorists.  Because of Clay's connection with her he is endangered too.  She proclaims in a public place that she doesn't love him anymore, hoping this will be a protection for him.  She still loves him but when he journeys to the inhospitable island of Nikumaroro and a storm sweeps the island and everyone but Clay escapes, he is presumed dead.  He is stranded there for almost four years.  Julianne suffers from hysterical amnesia because she thinks he is dead.  Can they ever be together again?

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saving Clay novel

This is the front cover of my new novel I have been calling my rescue novel but have changed the title to Saving Clay.  It is in the final stages in the KDP submission process.  It will be 360 pages in a 6 x 9 format.  The cover artist has already done the back cover and will add my blurb on it.  After that the template will be added for the cover and it will be finalized via KDP.  LDM Graphics has done the cover and she is very good and reasonable.  I will post the cover and info on Facebook and I plan to take out an expensive full page ad in RWR magazine, a publication of RWA of which I am a member.  This is a monster length nearly 92,000 words.  I will only give a brief description at this time.  Julianne saves Clay from certain death several times in their early years.  The prophetess, Lana tells Julianne when and where to be to save Clay's life.  The reason I will give in a later post.