Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell

Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell
Favorite astronomical painting

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Rescue novel query out there

I have been terribly remiss about posting.  Probably why I don't get any comments.  My Rescue novel which is entitled A Reason for Rescue is out there in query form at Soul Mate Publishing.  They say a reply of some sort will be coming in four weeks.  I like that as others usually take a year if not at all.  At my age I can't afford to wait that long for a reply.  Four weeks is around the corner.  If it is negative then I'll likely go self-publishing route again.  Agents and publishers take too long to respond, at least most of them.
This story is clean romance with a lot of adventure in it.  Also, there is an old prophetess who tells Julianne when and where Clay will need saving.  The reason is for Clay to travel the world healing people with extracts from flowers and plants from the local areas.  Julianne is an international ambassador bringing world wide peace with her silver tongue.  Clay's degree is in  biochemistry and Julianne's degree is in international relations.  Details of Clay's trips are given for Alaska, Pakistan, Australia and Nikumororo Island (formerly Gardner Island) where Amelia Earhart may have crash landed in 1937.  Brief mention is made of China and Ural Mountains in Russia as well.  This novel is 89,000 words long.  It will probably be my last one as none of my efforts have netted many sales.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My new novella will be live within 72 hours on Amazon.  I published it via KDP both in print and ebook.  The beautiful cover is by LDM Graphics pictured below. 
The Forever Bond is about Buddy Wilson who loved one woman, Nina, but was destined to realize it was Sally who loved him throughout school and college years.  A gold pocket watch was found by Buddy near a shed and in the middle of foundation blocks that seemed to be from another shed.  The watch contained a photo of a redhead which turned out to be of Nina when she was an adult.  The inscription on the back of the watch read, "To Buddy, I will love you forever, Nina."  After many unusual happenings the inscription changed and Nina's words and photo were replaced by Sally's.  Even later the inscription disappeared altogether.  No one remembered the inscriptions but Buddy.  Buddy learned it wasn't his imagination later.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Motorcycle Woman available on Amazon

My novella, Motorcycle Woman is now available on Amazon on my page.  Just type in my name, Larry Hammersley and it will bring up all my books including the front cover of Motorcycle Woman shown above, the right hand image.  I've ordered copies and hope to land an interview soon by one of my lady author friends.  I'm not sure if the Kindle version has loaded yet.  I've not checked.  It was very slow at downloading.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Motorcycle Woman final front and back cover

This is my final cover, front and back, for my Motorcycle Woman story.  It will be available soon for purchase as soon as I go to Create Space and finish the final steps.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Motorcycle Woman only needs cover constructed

I have gone through all the steps on Create Space with my story Motorcycle Woman with the exception of cover construction.  I am having a local copying outfit formatting that for my front and back covers.  The six by nine format requires a PDF file for the photos.  The front cover is shown above.  The back cover will be a photo I snapped in 1971 of a dealership in Black River Falls, Wisconsin.  I have their permission to use their name in the story.  The cover should be done end of next week.  I am looking forward to that since I've not had a new story on the streets since last year.  My last two novels don't have a home now as the publisher has closed their doors.  I tried to get a home for both the shed novel and the dart novel but was rejected.  I have a suggestion from a nice lady author friend to seek promotion from motorcycle folks for this novella.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Motorcycle Woman legal aspects

My lawyer isn't versed in the question I had concerning using the name of an actual person from my past.  Jug was an excellent motorcycle mechanic and ran his own shop in Bloomington, Indiana.  I tried to contact him to get verbal approval of using his name.  I speak very complimentary of him in the story.  I learned he had died in 2012.  I was saddened by that news as he was a fine fellow.  My lawyer still didn't know if I should use his name.  He recommended I contact a lawyer with a background on this sort of thing.  I've decided instead of doing that I will change Jug's name to Jeb.  I believe that will be safe to do.  It cost me a lot to get my rights back on this story so I was reluctant to spend more.  I will probably have to spend more money to get the cover into the right format.  I am dedicating the story to the same three editors that helped me on the short version.  I don't suppose they will ever know I did that because I have no contact info on them anymore.  Likewise, I'm including the Harley shop in Black River Falls, Wisconsin who graciously allowed me to include their name in the story.  I also speak very favorably of them too.  I am close to being ready to start the process with Create Space.  I do wish someone would drop a comment even it is to say "Boo!"
I am also working on an old short story, 33,000 words entitled The Forever Bond which is a sweet romance with a strange twist involving a gold pocket watch.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

More Rejections

I received more rejections, the Rescue novel and The Silver Dart.  I consider this the end of the road.  Any other publishing company or agent takes too long to respond and at my age I cannot afford to wait that long for a response.  I am thankful for this last publisher as she responds within a month or so.  She liked the Silver Dart cover at least.
If I have any hope now I will have to self-publish via Create Space or a similar route.  I'm still working on Motorcycle Woman and the hang up there is converting JPEG to PDF.  Internet directions for doing that show screens that do not come up when I try to follow the steps.