Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell

Saturn as seen from Titan, painting by Chesley Bonestell
Favorite astronomical painting

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

New SF Novel The Silver Dart

My new science fiction novel, The Silver Dart has released recently.  See an earlier post for the buy link at Amazon.
Jade Cromwell cannot understand why his genius wife, Darla, left with aliens two years earlier leaving him and their daughter, Missy.  He knew they would eventually return and take Missy too as she was nearly as smart as Darla.  Six men appeared on Mars as Jade and Missy were headed for the breakfast diner.  Jade, Missy and their dog, Spike had the six men beaten when a seventh appeared and bashed Jade and Spike with a club.  After they recuperate Jade and Spike leave on a journey fraught with dangers to find Darla and Missy.  Darla's high tech ship the Silver Dart gives them hope to find them as they apparently left for a disant galaxy.  Along the way they meet militant people and people who are friendly.  They learn why Darla and Missy have been abducted.  A menace in space threatens millions of people and the explosion resulting sends Jade into a parallel universe.  Will he find his way back to our universe?
Leave a comment for the short synopsis and after May 8th I'll make a drawing by random number generator.  Later I may have a print copy as a prize after I see how this goes.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

The Silver Dart released in ebook form.

The Silver Dart has released in ebook form.  Link
The price is $2.99 and there is already a review of four stars posted at Barnes and Noble nook.  Hopefully, the print version will be out in less than two months.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Silver Dart novel accepted!

My novel, The Silver Dart, has been accepted by Victory Tales Press.  They already have selected a cover for me, with my approval and with two images I supplied.  They selected an image of a space ship and nebulae as a background.  The blond woman represents Jade Cromwell's genius wife, Darla who built the high tech ship, Silver Dart.  The dog, a photo of our dear departed pet and Australian Sheep Dog, Roscoe represents Spike in the novel.  Rebecca tells me the novel will only require light editing since it is "clean" and I did read through it five times making corrections each time.  If I can get the image in here I'll show you the cover which will be in 6x9 format.  Well, it made it but I had to do something different to accomplish it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Marcy's Struggle and The Silver Dart

Good News at last.  Marcy's Struggle has been pulled out of the 2014 Summer Anthology and is now available as a standalone story for 99 cents.  The link for smashwords is and at Amazon
The cover is great showing the conclusion of Marcy's Struggle for romance with the quarterback, Ross.  Rebecca at Victory Tales Press has done this for me along with Laura Shinn.  Josh Shinn did the cover and included a purchased photo of mine of the old laboratory.
Another spot of good news is that Rebecca has accepted my new science fiction novel The Silver Dart.  Work on editing and the cover will begin shortly on that.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Short SF story rejected

My short story Unscheduled Stroll on Triton was rejected by Clarkesworld SF online magazine in one day's time.  That was the story that was an epilogue to my Higher Mission SF novel.  It wasn't submitted for inclusion in the novel.  My list of rejections are growing and I've not had an acceptance since Higher Mission late last year. My new SF novel The Silver Dart was turned down by the last agent because she wasn't taking unsolicited manuscripts.  This wasn't pointed out on her website.  A friend of mine who writes nonfiction has volunteered to look at my older novel The Vanishing Shed.  Already before reading it he has pointed out several concerns just from talking to me about the novel.  A good author friend, Gail, is about done with Higher Mission and is enjoying it.  So far I've only had one review of that novel.  A local friend wants a copy of my romance novel, A Change of Heart.  At least that is a plus and I needed that.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Yet another rejection

This morning I received the expected rejection from Nelson Literary Agency.  The agent, Sara, said she reads every query.  Now  I must search for another agency to query.  I thought I'd go this route for awhile for The Silver Dart before going directly to a publisher on the internet.  I'd prefer a print book instead of an ebook or at least both.
At this point too I'm needing to decide on my next writing project.  I still have in mind a story about the Bible character The Shunammite Woman.  Also, I intend to write another short science fiction story for submission to Clarke's World.  I noticed I'd already submitted Ice Cap Run three years ago so they are looking at it a second time and I'm hoping they won't notice that.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Query sent to Nelson Literary Agency

I have queried the Nelson Literary Agency about my new science fiction novel, The Silver Dart.  There are two agents and I sent Sara Megibow my query because her interest in science fiction is that it be sciency-y and action packed.  The Silver Dart fills the bill on both of those accounts.  I'll see if I can paste that query letter in here from my file.  Well, it looks like I can't paste my file.  It is worthy of typing it in for its entirety.
Jade Cromwell's genius wife, Darla, built a high tech space ship, Silver Dart.  She designed every inch of it.  An important feature was the security system: a high voltage, low current shock delivered to everybody who tried to enter, except Jade, Darla, Missy, their daughter, Spike, their Australian sheep dog and Charlie Danton, a close friend.
Darla's accomplishments were numerous and known to men from a distant galaxy who came and persuaded her to go with them two years earlier.  They came for Missy, who was nearly as smart as Darla.  It took seven men to overpower Jade, Missy who was expert in martial arts and Spike.  After that Jade viewed a two-year old message from Darla who willingly went with the men because they needed help with a serious problem in their own solar system.  She knew Jade and Spike would come searching for them.  Darla didn't know where the men were taking her, but she had perfected a ship trail detector for the Silver Dart so that Jade could follow it.  Due to delays along the way, the ship's trail disappeared and he had to rely on clues left by Missy on a planet and numerous encounters with aliens along the way.  Jade and Spike meet militant aliens at several stops and most of them wanted
SilverDart.  The longer the journey was, the more Jade learned about Darla's ship.  He realized Darla's ingrams ( okay, I borrowed that term from an old Star Trek TV episode during the second season called the Ultimate Computer) were imprinted on Silver Dart's circuitry.  This allowed the ship to make judgments on whom to allow onboard for the healing chamber or who was worthy to enter due to their helping Jade and Spike.
Arriving at the abductor's home solar sysetem of Nartium, Jade discovers they indeed have a serious problem.  What could be more serious than Dala's cure of Martian Canyon Fever and Jovian Madness?  What about mining equipment needing an upgrade or elimination of communications time delay within the solar system or revamping of the star drive engine, not to mention a continuing list of urgent needs?  Darla solved all those problems, but could she deal with the giant, traveling black hole that was gobbling everything that dropped beyond the event horizon?  Taking a solution to the problem from an ancient text by Stephen Hawking, Jade, Missy and Darla stop the black hole but at what cost?  The ensuing explosion sends Jade into another universe.  How can he overcome his lost condition?
My publishing credits include one contemporary romance novel, one science fiction novel and a number of short romance stories. All publications include romance of the sweet variety.

There you have it.  I noticed I misspelled a word in my original query and of course the letter omitted didn't leave a misspelled word.  I left out the "y" in canyon.  Well, if the query was shining otherwise hopefully that won't make a difference.  The next step is either a rejection or a request for some sample pages of the novel.